Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Journal 02/13/08

Its never my intention to put into exile a partner but I have and I finally realize that I'm not the only one hurting because I'm HIV positive. I've been blind and now I finally see. I've been with this beautiful creature of a women for the past three years and what seems to be...a marriage...for almost a year. And for the past nine months I've gone through fevers, body ache, hospital visits where I've fought never once recognized how much this person loves me and has been there. She states she shows no emotion to be strong but cries at night. Between the two of us I'm the emotional one cause I've never experienced this before so I really don't know how to react to it all. Now I have dealt with it the best way I know how but still its emotional to me. I get it because someone else had it and rapped me inraged of having it. But I live on. Reality is I am very much so loved and the fight may not be over but I fight on with the best fighter with along side me, my partner in crime.

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